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August 18th, 2010

Peludo “cachicamo” v1.0.0 Released

Peludo is a system to create and run platform independent, self-contained, network-transportable, injectable applications written in the C programming language.
It provides a cross-compilation environment and other tools needed to generate applications using a new binary format called PLD as well as a Runtime to launch these applications.
Peludo makes the Java virtual machine of the netifera probe injectable and easier to port to new platforms.

Source Code:
SHA1: 819f70a7f026119b792db3ca29782feafb172a0c

Binary Package for Linux/x86 host:
SHA1: da33da3898800855101f20f87471719377e4a49d

To install just enter:
$ sudo tar jxf peludo-cachicamo-v1.0.0-bin-linux-x86.tbz -C /

Binary Package for FreeBSD/amd64 host:
SHA1: 80f700f8e38d05270273c6f69eee6635db5ae634

To install just enter:
$ sudo tar jxf peludo-cachicamo-v1.0.0-bin-freebsd-amd64.tbz -C /

Running it:
Every time you want to use the Peludo toolchain you should set the environment:
$ . /usr/local/peludo/setenv

Do not forget to check the examples, in particular the injectable extensible shell server:
$ cd /usr/local/peludo/examples/esh


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